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Sisters Hollywood Journey continues

So Sisters, the feature film script that Christopher Kennedy myself, his partner Wendy and Caroline Kennedy have been working on for the past 18 months has been sent like a paper boat upriver on its long journey towards Hollywood. It is looking for a safe port where it can be moored and worked on until it becomes sturdy and seaworthy, but the paper plans are definitely there for the right skipper to interpret. There have already been thrilling moments and pauses but I won't be commentating on them on here.

Sisters (Working title) tells the story of two remarkable real women, who amongst other things created the biggest religious mural in the western world, as well as painting a portrait of a US president that was presented to Richard Nixon. And one of the sisters Venetia worked in Hollywood In its golden age, painting backdrops for MGM, creating animation cells for beautiful, much-loved Sistties' TV series and exquisite backgrounds for projects such as Charlotte's Web. The film is a thriller and tells the true story of their encounters with a vagrant who began by sleeping in the sisters' car outside their Hollywood home and ended up taking over their lives.

Christopher has very much kept their legacy alive and has created a website telling their story and archiving their work here,

For more details of my various projects visit magicmaskpictures,com

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