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About Magic Mask Pictures

Magic Mask Pictures  is committed to producing strikingly visual films that tackle some hard hitting themes. Movies for the eyes and the mind. We also publish books

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Razors Trailer (2016) | Breaking Glass Pictures | BGP Indie Movie
Breaking Glass Pictures

Razors Trailer (2016) | Breaking Glass Pictures | BGP Indie Movie

► iTunes: ► Amazon: ► Google Play: ► Vudu: ► BGP Shop: Razors Trailer (2016) | Breaking Glass Pictures | BGP Indie Movie Staring Kelby Keenan, Josh Myers (Antisocial), and the late Kan Bonfils (Skyfall, Batman Begins), RAZORS is out on DVD and VOD October 18th! Synopsis: While attending an intensive writing workshop held in a crumbing Victorian building, young writer Ruth Walker is challenged to write the ultimate horror movie by enigmatic screenwriting guru, Professor Richard Wise. But what are his motives? What secrets are hidden inside the ancient building? And are the knives Ruth has discovered really those used by notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper? Ruth was told that the box of knives must never be opened, but the box goes missing and the killings begin. As the ghost of a young Victorian girl haunts Ruth and her fellow screenwriters, the Ripper of legend rises to renew his murderous spree. As bodies begin to pile up, it appears that everyone trapped in the building has a connection to the original mystery…. ► Visit BGP: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: #breakingglasspictures #movies #indiefilm #movie #cinema #film #filmdistribution
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Tel: +44 7809 607 026

39 Haggerston Studios

284 Kingsland Road, London E8 4DN

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